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Vertical Thoughts provides the knowledge and support to employers to better care for their employees. We know you know your people matter. They are the face of the business you have built and the customer service standards you are proud of. With an ever-changing world around employment law, we understand there are times when you need to call in some extra help to support those supporting your employees. We don’t fear a challenge and look forward to driving your company past the status quo of employer duty. We encourage and educate every client on how to become an employer of choice. We recognize that when your employees are happy, so are your customers. 


How Can We Help Your Business?

With a vast range of experience and training, we are equipped to provide a myriad of impactful services.

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Supporting your people operation needs through project based solutions and fractional human resource services. 



Need someone to engage, motivate, and inspire your team? Bring us in to share the vision of supported people operations.


Kyla Hanks is, simply put, a professional people person. Her heart for helping others translates into a well-rounded perspective, recognizing opportunities to support both employee and employer. She is passionate in her work and enjoys finding organization amid chaos. Kyla sets herself apart in her ability to translate organizational structure into practical processes, resulting in a truly sustainable culture and smoother maintenance. Her leadership path in human resources has seen a broad range of scenarios which became the experiences and applications that now inform her own training as well as her training and mentoring of others. She is a proud West Texas A&M University alumna and certified SHRM-SCP (Society of Human Resource Management – Senior Certified Professional). 

When Kyla isn’t curing headaches, she enjoys reading, yoga, walking her dogs, and spending time outdoors with her husband. She lives in Amarillo, Texas, although she is always looking for a good reason to travel, for both work and leisure.

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